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In my line of work we have deadlines we have to work to which can find you very busy, but at the other end of the spectrum there can also be alot of downtime, which leaves me empty hours to fill. So, how do I fill those hours? By doing alot of web surfing (and writing my blog, and uploading photos on flickr etc.)

One of my favourite places to while away the time and feel like you’re doing something creative at the same time is at Ze Frank. There are lots of things to find inspiration from and lots of interactive toys to play with. My favourite is the Scribbler because I can mess around with it for hours always achieving something artistic and different. Here is a picture I made using the Scribbler.

You must also check what Ze Frank is up to on ColorWars – the YoungMe/NowMe submissions are absolutely classic. I think I might be inspired to join in, just need to find the perfect Baby Photo first.


Want a beautifully designed book, filled with gorgeously reproduced photos and written about an obscure subject you didn’t know you were interested in until you picked this book? Welcome to Taschen.

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I have an addiction to books that borders on the unhealthy. I look at them, I read them and I buy them (then I usually stack them). I’ve always been drawn to Taschen books, the subject range usually overlaps with my ever-changing interests… from Alchemy to Pop Art. There are probably very few Taschen books I wouldn’t read or appreciate. They do a fantastic range of design books including illustration & art.

My most desired book would have to be the limited edition title about the Japanese photographer Araki.

Everything about this book drips with beauty and seduction, just like the photos of Araki himself. If you are not familiar with his work you will soon want to be, although certainly his photography is not for everyone and some of it is definitely not safe for work.

This is an extremely high production volume limited to just 2500 copies and each individually numbered and signed by Araki himself. What a shame they cost £2000 each… I guess I will just have to make do with the Abridged Budget Version for £40 instead.

I’m loving this great new site I found… PhotoFunia – obviously its somthing you can do in photoshop pretty easily if you have the time but using this site is so quick and simple and some of the images you can select from are pretty cool. Check out this one I did using a (slightly photoshopped) image of Mr Fletcher.