Real Groovy, originally uploaded by Annalise Davidson.

So the buzz going around this week… Real Groovy has gone into receivership and could eventually be shutting its doors. The sad thing is, I was just thinking to myself the other day… “I can’t believe Real Groovy is still going, thats amazing, I can’t even remember the last time I went there.” Which is a shame considering how much time I used to spend in there… hours & hours, sometimes it felt like days. In fact, if they had a café in there I probably would have spent days in there hanging out.

What is more sad is that this isn’t just the loss of an awesome music (and books, dvds, games, clothes) store, this is the loss of an Auckland institution. This is our Empire Records. A place where you met people, made friends, went on dates and fell in love.

Not only that, but this is the end of music as we know it. Sure I love my iPod and I really love iTunes but does anyone else feel like music just isn’t the same anymore? Now we live in a fast food world with fast food music. Manufactured pop downloaded in seconds, instantaneous and disposable. Does anyone remember the last time you bought an album, sat down listened to it and appreciated the whole thing as a piece of art, a piece of the artist, of the musician, just as they intended it to be? Remember the first album you bought as a kid, remember what it meant to you? The memories and the moment in time when it represented who you were. Do you feel that way about most of the music these days?

That is what we’ll be losing when Real Groovy finally shuts its doors and its a whole lot worse than just losing a music store.