So, finally it feels like spring has arrived. I’ve been seeing more sun than rain clouds for the last few days and everything just starts to feel different. I’ve been noticing the magnolia blooms throwing their petals to the ground and the green buds of the plane trees in our street. I love this time of year because the air feels full of anticipation, a feeling that around the corner something exciting is waiting for you.There are exciting things coming up though, and not the figurative kind.

Queen of the Nile Costume - Women's Sexy Roman Costume

NOT the outfit I'm going to wear

The Auckland Warriors surprised everyone on Sunday night (including themselves I think) with a win over the Melbourne Storm. This means a play-off home game between the Warriors and Sydney Roosters this Friday night. I was hoping to get some tickets but they sold out so quickly… I think I used up all my Ticketek luck when I managed to score the Chris Rock tickets.

Also, next month I have an Egyptian Party to go to which I’m very much looking forward to. As for the costume, well I’m still working on ideas and I don’t know whether I should buy one or try my hand at making my own.

It has been fun researching it though and I’ve found a couple of good sites but I don’t know if its really going to get to the point where I want to papier-mâché anything! Maybe I should just stick to buying a costume.