Ah, another weekend done, another week begun.

Friday Night: Dinner at Prego of course! Pizza bread with Aioli to start, entrée of Roast Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart and for my main I had the Steak.. yum! The kids just love going there, and finding a restaurant that gives them crayons is always a bonus (although surely they must be getting too old for this soon?). I love how they always need to take a trip to the bathroom (even though they probably don’t need to go) just like I did when I was a kid… I guess some things never change? I think it is probably a rare thing that a restaurant that my parents took me too when I was 10 years old (and I went to every year on my birthday) I can now take my son too. Thats kind of special when you think about it!Wallet

Saturday: Ben and I headed off to the city to purchase Mr Fletcher’s Fathers Day present. I had already decided that I was going to buy him a new wallet as the one we had purchased together in Thailand was starting to look a bit worse for wear (no surprises there). We headed to Smith & Caughey first, even though I had pretty much made up my mind about where I was going to buy the present. Of course Ben dragged me to the childrens section up stairs but they seemed to have stopped selling toys (thank goodness for that) but they do now have Burberry for Children! Not sure I can justify spending $300 on a dress for one of the girls however! But S&C still had a lot of clothes left over from their sale so I bought a skirt for each of the girls (Elle & Trelise Cooper Kids) and Ben got this great jacket that he just loved… (I have no idea what his obsession with suits is about). So $200 later we headed down Queen Street… down to Mont Blanc. I don’t know why Mr Fletcher and I love Mont Blanc so much but between us we now have… 1 wallet, 1 watch, 2 bracelets and 1 necklace. Talk about loyal clientele! So after the purchase of the beautiful leather wallet there was nothing left but head to the Warehouse so Ben could get his crappy toy fix. OoOo Tamagotchi Version 5!! He was spending his own birthday money and it made him happy.

Sunday was Fathers Day and Mr Fletcher celebrated it in style. This means: feigning appreciation of the children’s homemade cards and breakfast, going for a walk, having a long bath, reading the newspaper, laying around playing video games, watching TV, having a long nap, and going out for teppanyaki. Not a bad day huh? The kids had never had teppanyaki before though so they thought it was great when the chef almost light himself on fire… brilliant! In fact Ben must have been inspired because he turned to me and told me he might decide to become a chef when he grows up (so long as he doesn’t become a pyromaniac).