So, last night I had the supreme pleasure of being able to see Chris Rock live at the Civic Theatre in Auckland. The best part is that he actually managed to exceed my expectations, which is no mean feat considering how much I was looking forward to seeing him and how much I think of him as one of the premier stand-up comedians of his era.

He touched on many subjects ranging from celebrity to marriage to politics and I suppose those are the usual stomping grounds of a well-rounded comedian but because of his caustic wit and use of the word “mother-fucker” he seemed to make it fresh and most importantly, funny. So funny in fact, at one point Mr Fletcher thought he might pass out from laughing so hard. It was also very educational… we learnt about sloppy titties, whether its ever ok for white people to use the word nigger (answer: not really), its all about the context, and the all important differences between men and women.

There were only a few annoyances of the evening..

  • Bartenders that make great cocktails but tell very long and boring stories
  • Paying $130 each for A Reserve seats but still ending up sitting in the far top edge of the circle
  • Having a woman sitting behind you with a laugh so annoying you almost start wishing Chris Rock wasn’t so funny and when he would say something vaguely rude or dirty she would feel it necessary to comment out loud “ohhh thats gross” or “ohhh thats disgusting” (Hello!! It’s Chris Rock!! What the hell did you expect?!!) or if it was one of the few things she could relate to she would say “ohhh I’ve done that”…   in response I say, “ohhh shut the fuck up!”

But who cares about that shit… it was a motherfucking fantastic evening… thank you Mr Chris Rock.